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Purpose and Functions

The purpose of the Treasurer's office is to provide accurate and timely billing for City services, to collect local property taxes and fees, to receive and post all payments due to the City, and the proper investment of funds to meet the needs of the City and its residents. Upon receipt, we also distribute allocations of collected taxes as required by law to the various state and local governmental agencies and the local school district.

Property Tax Information

All property owners within the City of Rockwood receive two property tax bills per year. The summer tax bill is mailed on July 1st and payable by August 31st without penalty. The winter tax bill is mailed on December 1st and payable by February 16th without penalty. If a due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the due date becomes the next business day. Penalty to a delinquent pay tax bill is 4%. If not paid by the prescribed due date, property owners will be referred to pay Wayne County directly.

Delinquent Tax Payments

Tax payments are accepted at Rockwood City Hall from July 1st through the end of February. Beginning on March 1st, all delinquent real property taxes are forwarded to the Wayne County Treasurer Office in downtown Detroit for collection. You can visit their website or call 313/224-5990 to obtain balances of outstanding tax, penalties, and interest charges.

2023 Summer Tax Millage Rates

Primary Residence Exemption (PRE) - 36.4087
NON PRE - 54.4087

2023 Winter Tax Millage Rate: 14.1173 for all

Taxable Rate Increase

The inflationary rate has caused the taxable values to increase by 5% across the state of Michigan. This is similar to the same increase as last year. This is a statewide increase by the State of Michigan tax laws, and is an annual increase. The city of Rockwood has to abide by state laws.

If your tax value increased more than 5% it could be due to the following:

  • Updating records for accuracy purposes and for the upcoming State audit in 2025.
  • Taxable value of your home becoming uncapped due to transfer.

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